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Our entire organisation and the way we operate as a business is built upon a solid foundation of trust. Trust we build with our clients, partners and our team members. For us, trust is central to all that we do - The work that we undertake in the external environment and the internal environment we create for our teams. Our trusting relationships with our team members are structured around our three pillars of trust:

Our Pillars of Trust

A fundamental part of engaging with our team members is listening. We are a collective organisation. We work in collaboration with every team member who has the ability and opportunity to input observations, suggestions and new ideas into the business. These ideas and suggestions guide how we operate as a trusted supplier.
We communicate with our team members our collective goals and visions. We communicate our strategy on how we can achieve our goals and visions as a collaborative group of individuals. We want to make the world a safer place for everyone. Our teams take pride in what they do and know how each individual contributes to our mission.
For us, value goes beyond meeting salary expectations. Value is the feeling our team members get when they are recognised for a job well done.  Appreciating our teams and realising their value and potential is a key pillar in developing long term, sustainable and trusting relationships with each team member.

These three pillars of trust have been fundamental to our success. The nature of our business means that we are often working remotely and autonomously. 

Each team member has vertical responsibility for their role  within Lucion, with support from our experienced and supportive  management team.

Building our culture of trust with all of our team members has been essential to ensuring we have and will continue to deliver market-leading, sustainable, and trusted risk management to our clients.

Have you found your job satisfaction?

Like with any relationship, trust in the company you work for, your managers and colleagues is imperative for all Team members to feel comfortable and visualise themselves with the organisation long term. 

Consistency and reliability in the way you are managed will allow you to develop a sense of where you stand within the company, and how to reach and achieve both your own and the company’s goals. 

Inconsistencies with how you are managed often can feel like the ‘goal posts’ are constantly moving and feeling successful and completing tasks are permanently out of reach.

When considering whether you are satisfied at work, consider whether your goals correlate with those of the company’s. Finding a company with aims and aspirations that match those of your own will likely lead to successful long term employee-employer relationship satisfaction.

At Lucion, we constantly review our methods of communication with all our Teams, both office and field based. Ensuring cohesive and consistent two-way messaging is vitally important to our strategic operations. Every single Team member knows the importance that they bring to the company and how their output directly affects whether they achieve their own goals and the goals of the company.

We want our Team members to grow within the company and develop career pathways for their long term success. No matter what level you enter into the company or at what stage of your career you are at, we provide ample opportunity for you to develop new skills through training and opportunities to step up to the next level.

You’ve discovered a company with your core values and ‘’met’’ Team members to your likeness. Are you ready to take the next step?

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Lucion is based upon moving forward. Constant progression of service offering, digital technology, and the growth of our people. Our people drive the business, and the business drives the people.

Phil Rozier Chief Executive Officer

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